Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for a monetary gift?

Please email us at with the following information: * Verification you live & work full time within Pima County * Verification of Sex worker status - if applicable to your type of work: a link to a website, your content, a current ad, work social media, the club you work at, a vouch from a mutual colleague, etc. are all options (we can work with you on this) * The amount needed within the current fund cap limits * When it's needed by * A general idea of what is for (no explicit details necessary—food/shelter is plenty) -which you already gave (thank you!) *What payment method you prefer Once all above information has been submitted, please allow up to 3 days for a response. We do try to get back to gift applicants as soon as we can but please understand we are a very small organization and have our own lives and obligations outside of volunteering our time to SWEET.

Once my request has been approved, how do I receive the funds?

We are currently able to distribute funds via Venmo, PayPal or CashApp. Due to Covid-19, in-person distribution may not be available or extremely delayed.

I'd like to send a monetary gift to help the fund. What are your options?

We accept monetary gifts via Venmo, Paypal and cash app. We have monthly options via Paypal if you'd like to become a regular gift giver.

I sent you a message but I haven't heard back yet...

There are only a few of us currently running Sweet. We typically respond to messages on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. If it's a funding request, we try to get to it quicker but due to our own obligations, we may not see it right away. If it's something other than a funding request, response times may be a bit longer. We'll try to get back to you as soon as we can and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Do you offer grants to sex workers outside of Tucson?

At this time we are only able to offer micro-grants to workers in Pima County. If you reside just outside of Pima County and are wondering if you qualify, please contact us at

Is there a limit to how much money I can ask for?

Yes, monetary gifts are limited up to $50 for cis white workers and up to $150 for workers of color and queer/trans workers. This amount fluctuates depending on the health of the fund. If we have limited funds available, the gift cap may be reduced to sustain the fund and make funding available to more recipients. Additionally, we are not able to honor multiple requests per month. We can only distribute one gift up to the limit given out per person, per 30 days as long as we have the funds.

What if I require financial assistance beyond what I've received from Sweet?

If you need assistance on a regular basis, we can offer up to the limit of $50 for cis white workers and $150 for QTPOC workers per month...meaning you can apply for a monetary gift up to the limit every 30 days and we will honor the request as long as your need qualifies and we have the funds. QTPOC workers always come first, meaning if a cis white worker and a queer, trans or worker of color both apply for assistance around the same time and we only have funds for one gift, the gift will go to the QTPOC worker. If we don't have the funds to accommodate your request or you've reached your monthly gift limit and need more emergency assistance, we can signal boost your own social media funding campaign, or we can create a post on our social media for you with your help. This is done as anonymous and discreetly as you wish. If this is something you're interested in, please email us at for more information.

I'm interested in becoming a member, volunteering or offering my time/skills. How can I help?

At this time, all of our essential internal roles are filled, but we occasionally need help with other things like outreach, volunteer opportunities and fundraising/event set up. Please e-mail us at and we would love to discuss our current needs with you!

Are you a non-profit organization?

We are NOT a non-profit organization. We are a grassroots mutual aid collective operating completely out of our own pockets. Everyone in the collective is a volunteer. 100% of monetary gifts received goes directly to our receipients. Our operating costs, which are extremely low, are costs that collective members cover out of our own pockets.