We are a small group of current/former sex workers and allies based in Tucson with an interest in serving our community. Our main focus is on connecting marginalized, struggling individuals in the local sex industry with micro-grants to help pay for essentials. We are not a rescue organization and support each individual's right to make decisions about their lives. Additionally, we are NOT a non-profit organization. We are a grassroots mutual aid collective operating completely out of our own pockets. Everyone in the collective is a volunteer. 100% of monetary gifts received goes directly to our micr-grant recipients. Our operating costs, which are extremely low, are costs that collective members cover out of our own pockets.


We currently distribute monetary gifts for essential needs to sex workers in the Tucson area for things like food, medication, transportation, phone service, etc.  Gift request priority always goes to QTBIPOC, disabled, poor or low income, drug using and street-based workers. Please note: we do not offer gifts larger than $50 for any reason for cis, white workers. Additional information may be required such as a screenshot of the bill or receipt, proof of full time residency within Pima County and an in-person meeting or video chat for verification purposes. This is to make sure the funds are going to the intended recipient. The max amount of funds we are able to distribute fluctuates depending on the health of the fund. Please contact us to ask about what amounts are available for distribution. If you have a need or expense that exceeds the current amount or more ongoing needs, we will be happy to boost your payment app or a crowdfunding campaign on our social media, website and by word of mouth in our local community. Monetary gifts are not loans. The money we raise and distribute is given freely with no strings attached and goes directly to helping local sex workers with essential needs. Our funds are replenished by fundraising on social media and occasional local events. 

If you or someone you know fits the above description and has a need, please email us at sweetsupport@protonmail.com letting us know the amount needed, when it's needed by and what it is for (picture or proof of the bill/receipt may be required). Please also provide some information about the type of work you do. Additional information may be required, such as proof you reside and work full time within Pima County a link to your work ad/social media account/website, content, name of club, etc. (contact information for a friend who can vouch for you or the potential grant recipient may be requested). We are currently able to distribute funds via Venmo, PayPal or in person within the city limits of Tucson and Marana.


Since we are a small group of people directing this endeavor, please allow up to 3 days response for grant requests and 5-7 days for all other inquiries.